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Dateworking - Dating and Relationship Men's dating consultants, also known as dating coaches, help men learn how to meet and talk to others in a social context. Strategic Advice for Online Daters and Dating Companies.

The Dating Coach Is In 5/Hour - The New York Times They mht provide clients with everything from intensive boot camp-style, in-person training to simple email advice. Sep 26, 2007 The Dating Coach Is In 5/Hour By ABBY ELLIN SEPT. 27, 2007. Jillian Mazer, a 39-year-old technology consultant in Los Angeles, hired April Beyer.

Dating Coach Men's dating consultants may also charge impressive hourly rates, with well-regarded coaches earning sizable monty as well as annual salaries. Toronto-based Dating Coach Laura can help you get back into the dating scene or offer guidance if you are currently dating and not happy with.

Dating consultant:

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